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Help the trees survive everywhere, to keep our mankind alive forever

Where there is civilization there is pollution. Pollution exists in every culture throughout history. It may in fact even be the foundation of civilization. Scan Steels Ltd promotes planting more and more trees for the betterment of the environment. Mother-nature is mankind’s greatest gift so as a prime duty SSL has taken a pledge to plant nearly 10,000 of trees in surrounding areas like schools, colleges, police station, temples, mosque and churches.

In this annual year the theme of our company is “GO GREEN” This year on world environment day, we started this initiative and provided fruit-bearing plants to the nearby villagers to encourage them to plant more trees. We also planted trees near to highways which are regularly inspected and taken care of.

We sponsored various plantation programs too, along with YMFI (Youth Movement Federation of India) as a part of the collaboration, some SSL officials volunteered for the programs with the executives from YMFI.

The biggest challenge undertaken by us is the conversion of a dumping yard into a forest, near Ghoghar. In the coming years, we also plan to make our campus eco-friendly to show ample support and belief to our theme.


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