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Scan Steels Limited

Aim to emerge as most-preferred brand in steel bar segment: SSL

Although Scan Steels Ltd is the oldest manufacturer of TMT bars in Odisha, it is a combination of experience, innovation and quality.

The two decades old brand “SHRISHTII TMT” is the brainchild of Mr. Rajesh Gadodia, Founder & Chairman of Scan Steels Ltd, which was devised to fulfill the growing demand for high quality TMT bars in Odisha.

The TMT bar industry is all around divided into two segments. In one segment all primary steel brands are operating, while the other side comprises of the local or secondary sector. “SHRISHTII TMT” is bridging the gap between the unorganized and the organized market. At Scan Steels Ltd, we have access to the most-advanced technology of TMT bar manufacturing. Henceforth, we are capable of offering high-grade TMT bars at modest pricing, which are marketed in Odisha through a wide dealer network. An important thing to mention is that “SHRISHTII TMT” bars are formed in very precise conditions to create the right temperature gradient. Our bars meet the industry standards and specifications such as fatigue strength, creep resistance, weld ability, bend ability, crack resistance and tensile as well as compressive strength.

At Scan Steels Ltd, we are as of now having an immense customer base from the trade, institutions and households. We are filling the vacuum, which was there in this market, by offering the best quality steel bars at modest pricing. Our vision is to develop as the most-preferred brand in the steel bar segment, offering the best-in-class products to intra-state customers at reasonable costs. We aim for a holistic, organic growth path to success through evolution, excellence and commitment. We believe success is the outcome of combined efforts and employees are the key contributors. We sincerely believe in viewing matters from a customer’s perspective in terms of timely supplies, courteous, friendly services, and quality products.

Scan Steels Ltd is on swift acceleration mode where production and distribution both are being ramped up every day.

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