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Scan Steels Limited

National safety week campaign

National Safety Awareness Week is a national occasion that is celebrated between the 4th of March and the 10th of March in every year. The main theme of this week is to grow the skills of how to handle and manage the inappropriate circumstances while working and how to keep safety as the first priority in working environment. Recently, Scan Steels Ltd has also celebrated the 48th National Safety Week campaign in order to nurture and maintain the safety of employees.

Safety awareness training program

Scan Steels Ltd organizes Safety Awareness Training Programs that focuses on Prevention, Health & Safety as a major ongoing goal for its business. Employees Health & Safety at works benefits both the company performances and employees well-being. The aim is to strengthen the initiative and support the efforts of all the employees at every level of the organization in order to ensure their physical safety and mental well-being.

All the staffs and employees of Scan Steels are mandated to attend the safety awareness program organized by the company.

Scan Steels Limited
Scan Steels Limited

Mock drill

Scan Steels Ltd organizes mock drills to ensure the proper implementation and execution of alertness of peripheral emergency and disaster departments. This mock session includes different departments of Scan Steels such as Fire department, Emergency department, Medical emergency or Health department, Disaster management team, etc.

The insufficiencies that are marked after a successful mock drill are eradicated and further arrangement is executed to avert the loss of life and property. Scan Steels strictly verifies the ability to fight as well as survival preparedness of the association to assess the proper standard functioning process.