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Scan Steels Limited

Ensure strong and durable construction with structural steel

Iron and steel are integral elements in every construction which provides strength to the construction and make it capable of tolerating extreme weather and destructive forces of nature. They must be of supreme quality as the quality of construction must never be compromised as when natural calamities strike, it is the home that provides shelter. Structural steel and angle are two of the most important reinforcement required in every construction. They are used in building beams, pillars and the roof, which has to sustain the load of the entire construction. Scan Steels Ltd is on swift acceleration mode where production and distribution both are being ramped up every day.

The two decades old company “Scan Steels Ltd” is the brainchild of Mr. Rajesh Gadodia, Founder & Chairman of Scan Steels Ltd, which was devised to fulfill the growing demand for structural materials in Odisha other than TMT rods.

The structural industry in Odisha is vast, which depends upon the local or very small scale rolling mills and intra state suppliers. From the year 2017, we added both MS & Galvanized products ranging from Angles, Flats, Square bars, Round plain rods, Channels, Binding wires to our large angle manufacturing unit in Odisha. These products are marketed in Odisha through a wide dealer network under the brand name of “SSL”. Later on, Scan Steels diversified to setup a fly ash brick manufacturing plant in Odisha under the brand name of “SSL”. The quality and reasonable pricing along with an existing wide sales network helped us to reach the target market quickly for these products. To know more about these products, please visit our product page here.

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